Inspection Tips For Sellers

Dated: 04/06/2018

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Inspection is one of the two key "tests" of a contract, and a LOT of contracts in South Florida collapse after inspection.  The purpose of this inspection is to verify that the house is in good physical condition.  

In preparation for the inspection, make sure the property is spotless and the lawn is mowed.  A good first impression never hurts, and the inspector is inevitably going to be crawling under the sink, etc.  If the property is vacant, make sure all the utilities, including the hot water heater are on and in working order.  

In many cases, it's about the roof.  The expected life of most roofs in South Florida - flat shingle about 15 years, architectural  (also called dimensional) shingle about 25 years, and barrel tile about 30 years.  And, most insurance companies want to issue policies that the roofing material has at least 5 years of useful life remaining... so if you have flat shingle more than 10 years old, architectural shingle more than 20 years old, or barrel tile more than 25 years old, there's a strong possibility that the inspector will say the roof doesn't have enough useful years remaining.  This is a critical issue for buyers, because most simply don't have more than $10K extra in their bank accounts so they can replace the roof immediately after purchasing the home.  My advice here is actually to replace the roof BEFORE placing the home on the market.  You'll get higher offers, and avoid failed deals.


Other than roofs, most issues can be negotiated with a buyer credit.  You shouldn't agree to a repair unless the mortgage requires it.  While you'll lose a bit of money, this shifts the responsibility to the repair to the buyer, and you don't need to get into arguments on whether the repair was done correctly.

Wish my buyer luck!  This property was built in 1925, but was extensively renovated.

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